ITARC 2015 – Call for speakers

Vill du tala på ITARC 2015 nästa år? I samarbete med IASA Global Summit kommer konferensen vara större än någonsin och vi söker nu intressanta föredrag, workshops och presentationer.

Se nedan vad som gäller och notera deadline.

A leading international conference for IT architects.

Stockholm City is proud to host the world wide Iasa Global Summit, ITARC 2015. A leading international conference where hundreds of IT-architects and thought leaders come together to discuss IT-architecture.

1. Do you want to speak at the conference?
Submit a proposal here: (deadline is october 17, 2014)


2. Would you like to recommend or suggest a speaker for the conference? Please tell us at


Pause for one second and think about it. It doesn’t matter if you are an enterprise, solution, infrastructure or software architect. Your job is to create value in one form or another. ITARC 2015 will discuss various methods, systems and experience to help IT architects creating value and be more efficient in their role.

You can submit a presentation on any topic you think is valuable to your audience (the audience is made up of different types of IT-architects). Topics can include different areas as technology, business, software, organization, culture, case studies, etc… as long as you are prepared to answer the question: What value offers this presentation to the audience?

Different formats for submissions:

Day 1 Conference (May 7)
General session presentation: Either a 45 or 20 minute presentation for the general sessions.
Track presentation: A 45 minute presentation in either the technology or business tracks for the afternoon.

Day 2 Workshops (May 8)
Day two consists of a number of workshops where participants have the opportunity to get in-depth information on a topic. A 3-hour workshop presenter will be awared with 1,000 Euro from the conference.

All proposals will be carefully evaluated during October 2014.
Conference program launch is planned for November 2014.

Background of the conference:
This is the 8th year we organize ITARC in Stockholm. ITARC 2015 will be a global conference combined with Iasa Global Summit. Previous themes have been Cloud, Information
Explosion, Reinventing Architecture, Architecture as Art, Internet of Things,
Design and The Intelligence Age with speakers from IBM, Google, Microsoft,
AstraZeneca, Forrester Research, Amazon, Semantic Arts and many more…

Among the distinguished keynote speakers we have had Reuven Cohen, Roger
Sessions, Dave McComb, Till Gutzen, Thomas Fürth, Usman Haque, Vlad Trifa,
Florian Michahelles, Tim DeGennaro, Jonas Toftefors, Sven-Håkan Olsson, Cecilia
Hertz, Mike Lloyd, Robin Brouwer, Simon Brown, Erik Billing, Mikael Höglund, Sam
Cole and Paul Preiss.

Organizers are Iasa Sweden, Iasa Global and the Swedish Computer Society.

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center.

Hotels within walking distance are Radisson Blu Waterfront, Sheraton Stockholm and Nordic Light Hotel.

Best regards

The ITARC 2015 program team, Daniel Akenine, chairman of Iasa Sweden  and Christer Berg, program manager, The Swedish Computer Society

Questions? Please reach out to